Plot Columbia

1. Plot HPGL-Data into a MFC SDI window

2. Plot commands

PU; Pen up
PD; Pen down
PA5064,3305; Plot absolute 5064 mils x_axis and 3305 mils y_axis

3. Open data file

void CHpglDoc::Serialize(CArchive& ar)
	if (ar.IsStoring())
		// TODO: add storing code here
		// TODO: add loading code here
		nFileSize = ar.Read(cBuffer,100000);	

4. Draw plot file

You have to know about the structur of a plot file to program the drawing


//Set the pointers 
ptr1       = &cBuffer[0];
ptr1end   = ptr1 + nFileSize;      //Pointers are set

while(ptr1 < ptr1end)			
 ptr2 = &cLine[0];   			// ptr2 on top of the small memory 
 while(*ptr1 != ';') *ptr2++ = *ptr1++;	//  while ptr1 unequal ';' 
 ptr1++;   				// jump over the semicolon
 *ptr2 = NULL;  //end of string 
	// ====data are in the small memory====
		if(cLine[0]=='P')           	// evaluation only when the first letter is a 'P'
		if(cLine[1]== 'U') penx = 0; 	//if the first letter is an 'U' pen x = 0 (move to)
		if(cLine[1]== 'D') penx = 1;	//if the first letter is an 'D' pen x = 1 (line to)
		  if(cLine[1]== 'A')		//if the first letter is an 'A' the linescan can begin
		  sscanf(cLine,"PA%d,%d", &aa, &bb);  aa/=40;  bb/=40;//scan the line(line,"how exactly looks the line",make aa & bb looks like the coordinats)   
		  xx=350-aa;			//move the picture in x-direction
		  yy=240-bb;			//move the picture in y-direction
		  if(penx == 0) pDC->MoveTo(xx,yy);   //move to the coordinats xx,yy only when penx=0			 
		         else pDC->LineTo(xx,yy);     //line to the coordinats xx,yy only when penx=1
		  }//end when 'A'
	   	}//end when first letter = 'P'  
	}// End of ptr1


5. Download source code

download source and EXE for Visual C++ 7.1